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A framework for writing maintainable poetry with Selenium WebDriver.

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A minimal and effective Selenium framework, not a wrapper.

The goal is two-fold:

In order to get an idea of how tests look like by using this framework, please see the sample provided. Start from SampleWebTest, down to the WebTasks (OnMyAboutMePage, Search, CanCompliment), down to page objects (SearchResultsPage, SearchResult, etc.)


Please see the Tutorial on the wiki.


A glimpse of the internals: UML Sequence Diagrams

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Design goals


Graphviz is actually optional: it is needed for generating javadocs with pretty cool UML class diagrams (thanks UMLGraph!). So you're not gonna need it unless you want to run mvn site or mvn javadoc:javadoc.


The main dependencies are:

Please see the POM file for more details.